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The holiday village Bergon is located by the sea about 30 km east of Örnsköldsvik. Today there are eight cottages with six beds each. A real holiday paradise with cottages located on a fine sandy beach with sauna, meeting room and barbecue hut on the beach.


In the beginning there were thirteen cottages, but over time cottages have been moved to new places.

Previously, Modo owned these cottages, they then had cottage hosts and hostesses who held activities for the guests. This was a very nice benefit as it offered full board for the entire employee's family.


This then passed into Holmen's ownership and all employees in Holmen were given the opportunity to rent these holiday cottages at a favorable price via MODO staff and holiday foundation.


In 2019, Bergön Stugby was acquired by the newly subscribed Fastighetsbolaget Bergön AB, which was formed from the Blomquist family. Owned today by: Åsa, Göran, Jörgen and Joakim.


We hope you find the cottages and the area as cozy and soothing as we do.


Have a nice stay

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