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Booking conditions


Responsible landlord is: Fastighetsbolaget Bergön AB


+46730883709 7


Booking and payment

We apply advance payment directly when booking. Once you have booked a cottage and paid the rental fee, you have also approved the booking conditions.


Terms of cancellation

Cancellation of cottage is sent to

If you cancel earlier than 21 days before arrival, the rental amount will be refunded with a deduction of SEK 500 for administrative costs.


Cancellations later than 21 days before arrival will be refunded in the following cases:

  • deaths, which affected a spouse, cohabitant, family or fellow traveler.

  • illness or accident of a serious nature (including Covid-19), which has affected yourself, spouse, cohabitant, family or fellow traveler.


Late cancellation must be confirmed with a certificate from a doctor. The certificate must be received by us within 14 days of the cancellation. The rental amount with a deduction of 500 SEK will be refunded to you after we receive the certificate. If we do not receive a valid certificate, no refund will be made.


Terms and Conditions

The person assigned on the Web-site as the booking contact are responsible for the stay and your fellow travelers. You must take good care of the cottage and follow the rules, instructions and regulations that apply. You are liable for material damage caused by you or someone in your company. Minimum age of 20 years applies to renting a cottage. You have the right to transfer the cottage to someone else in your place. In that case, you must notify us before the day of arrival and a rebooking fee of 500 SEK will be charged.


Smoking is prohibited in all of Bergön's premises. Violation of this prohibition entails a redevelopment cost for you as a tenant from 3000 SEK.


The cottage may only be used for leisure purposes unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking. There are 6 beds in the cottage and there may not be more overnight stays in the cottage or in the area unless a special agreement has been made. Materials (eg kitchen utensils) must not be moved between the cottages.

Check out

Check-out takes place no later than 11:00 unless another agreement has been made. The cottage key is returned to the assigned clocker or to a representative of the cottage village at check-out. In case of lost key, you will be charged a fee of 2000 SEK for changing locks. If you choose to leave earlier than check-out date, the rent will not be refunded unless otherwise agreed. Check the check-in and check-out dates on the booking confirmation.


The cottage must be cleaned before check-out;

  • Vacuum and wet dry floors.

  • Clean fridge / freezer, stove, microwave, oven.

  • Wipe out cabinets and closets.

  • Vacuum dry TV and vacuum furniture.

  • Wash, dry and put the clean dishes in place.

  • Clean bathrooms, sinks, faucets, mirrors.

  • Empty rubbish into specified rubbish bins.

    • Garbage cans can be found at the beginning of the entrance car park at Storstugan.

The cottage is inspected on the day of check-out. In case of substandard cleaning, a fee of 1500 SEK will be charged.


  • you or someone in your party behaves disruptively in the cottage / area.

  • you or someone in your party commits vandalism in the cottage / area.

  • the cottage is used for unintended purposes.

If the agreement expires due to the above-mentioned case, you and your company must immediately move out of the cottage and you are not entitled to a refund of the rental amount.



The price does not include bed linen, towels and consumables (eg toilet paper and detergent). Basic cleaning items are available in the cottage. Some consumables can be purchased via self-service on site.


Contact us directly with any complaints as soon as possible. Errors that occur during the stay must be reported immediately so we have a chance to rectify it.



Thank you for taking the time to read the booking terms

A warm welcome to Bergön Stugby!

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