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News of our winter upgrades at Bergön!

During the winter we have removed some of the trees on the Southern and West side of the village. Based on customer requests we have also removed some of the trees between the cabins. The goal of these efforts is to improve the fantastic ocean view from the property as well as to maximize the experience of the magical evening sun from all cabins. We worked to keep the nature feeling around the property and as such have kept many of the majestic pine trees which characterizes the area. 

Holmen have meritoriously performed the work during February while they were working on their neighboring property. As is well known Holmen and  MoDo are prior owners and creators of the property and you can tell that they still have a wonderful engagement in the area. We are grateful for the expertise and collaboration which Holmen have contributed with.

As the dark spruce forest is now removed the area is now much more open and lets the sun shine through in a much higher degree then before the changes.  The clean up work is in full swing prior to the coming season. Our goal is to ensure that the area still have an attrative outlook but we also need to give nature some time to get settled after the large changes. 

Alongside the cleanup efforts we will also work to improve the roadnetwork as well as start to prepare for new winter cabaillities for cabins in terms of water electricity and network. Its been a hectic time and we are looking forward to the coming season!

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